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We’re a women-founded and run subscription-based delivery service of premium CBD products. Our Puurfx podcast aims to provide guidance and transparency to help consumers understand what really makes a high-quality CBD product. Subscribe to hear from us and from industry experts through discussions and spotlight interviews … we’re excited to get to know you!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Kacy, Amelia & Marie get together to finish out Season 1 chatting about their favorite CBD skincare products, brands they are currently loving, & top picks for Mom! Plus Q&A’s for quality, shipment & taste.  Lastly, We would love to thank all of our guest and of course a huge thank you to YOU, our amazing listeners for all of your support throughout this season! We can’t wait to be back again! As, always stay safe.  -Puurfx 




If there’s anything more important than addressing the planet’s environmental issues, we’d sure like to know. Tune in on our last 3 part series w/ Mayela at Tiny Climate challenge as she chats w/ Kacy on how CBD can enhance mindfulness on a daily basis, sustainable acts of leadership & how each of us can make tiny climate changes to make a big difference.



As we approach Earth Day, we’ve become firm believers that we should be celebrating Earth Day every day by thinking a little more about our environmental footprint. Today, Mayela from Tiny Climate Challenge joins Kacy, chatting about people and the planet, hemp as the crop of the future and living more eco-consciously. She values Puurfx with the three E’s – Engaging, Educating & Empowering. Join us on this fun podcast as we learn more about the healthy aspects of CBD & Hemp.



While our earth is healing during this pandemic, Tune in on how to connect with people at the heart level. Featuring a 3 part series from Mayela, Chief Environmental Optimist & (CEO) of The Manasjan Consultancy, & podcast host of “Tiny Climate Challenge”. She brings interesting insights on how hemp provides sustainable benefits to the environment, & how climate action can be an act of love around the world. 



This week, Kacy is joined by Johanna, the Founder & CEO of Puurfx.  They get into a broad discussion during this global pandemic about how the effects of CBD can boost and work in conjunction with your immune system. Find out how their combatting coronavirus with unique CBD routines, personal tips and natural alternative remedies. 



In this episode, we are joined with Alli, Production Manager at Kingsley CBD. She shares with us the importance of third party testing plus full panel testing and breaks down  the different cannabinoids, terpenes and the lock & key entourage effects. 



We get together with Kingsley’s compliance officer Brenda to talk compliance, the legality of CBD, good manufacturing processes, the process of becoming certified organic and more. Then she and Kacy swap stories growing up with Native American CBD traditions, and foraging for herbs and natural remedies. 



Join us in our convo with Kate from seed-to-sale CBD company, Kingsley. They get into her extraction method, how CBD is changing people’s lives, the definition of CBD as a cannabinoid, how it reacts within our bodies, the “entourage” effect and how to choose a quality product. She and Kacy discuss reading labels, proper dosing, and they divulge the information you need to know to make an educated purchase.


With so much regulatory grey area and everybody trying to jump on the CBD bandwagon, do we as consumers always know what we’re getting? Between toothpaste, water and more craziness, staying educated is more important than ever. This week Kacy and Johanna get into the nitty gritty of how to discern quality from false claims and how to look out for plain ol’ bs.


In our last episode with Grön’s Christine from Portland, Oregon, she brings us some gorgeous chocolate bars, bite-sized gummy pearls, chocolate and caramel sauces, skin care products, tinctures for pets and vegan confections. She’s truly got something for everyone. Christine and Kacy continue the convo about the CBD train, challenges for 2020, legitimacy and regulation in such a fast-moving industry. They also dive into the world of CBN, CBG and other minor cannabinoids, and talk about finding ways to live your most comfortable, pain-free, canna-curious quality of life. 


Grön’s Christine joins us once again to reflect on creating and running her own self-funded business, her biggest challenges thus far, chocolate as a superfood and CBD vehicle, the comfort in edibles, the problems with “corner store” CBD — and more. They debunk some of the myths surrounding CBD and keep coming back to that universal truth: Chocolate is for lovers!

Portland Oregon’s Christine, creator of Grön, talks about launching Grön, the beauty of chocolate, the science and art behind it, the story behind the name, the history of CBD, natural alternatives to health and wellness and more. In fact, her recipes are so delicious, Kim Kardashian featured a Grön chocolate-infused fountain at one of her baby showersShe and our host Kacy also unpack the benefits of not having to visit a dispensary for your CBD needs, and lament about the lack of local cafés and good and bad actors in the CBD industry. 

This week we get together with Taryn Nahm, CFO of TDS labs. She sheds light on breaking into the CBD industry, working in a predominantly male space, brand and consumer challenges, the importance of CBD education evolving regulations, CBD as a supplement — and more.

In this episode, Puurfx Podcast host Kacy sits down with Puurfx CEO and Founder, Johanna. Johanna talks us through why she created the CBD-curated subscription box service, how she hand-selects every product from seed to shelf, what makes a quality product, how to choose the right product, the multiple membership options she offers, what customers can expect to get in their box — and much more.

In this episode, we get together with Kai Pfretzschner, to talk testing, sourcing, dosage, cannabinoid compounds, wellness and more. Kai also delves into his introduction to the CBD industry many years ago, what makes a quality product and what new cannabinoids we can expect to enter the market in the near future. Take a peek into the science and lab side of CBD production.

A one-on-one interview with a manufacturer and distributor of hemp CBD infused products.  Nano-amplified CBD products maximize the benefits of CBD through smaller particle sizes that cause an 80-90% absorption which means quicker digestion and onset of action. Puurfx curates a Seasonal Subscription box which includes a tincture, topical, edible and a special bonus valued over $200 for $89.99 – you don’t want to miss out. Pre-order now as supplies are limited.

Welcome to Puurfx and our first podcast episode. We’re here to clear up any confusion you may have around the world of CBD and CBD products. We’re a women-founded and run CBD-curated subscription box, dedicated to transparency and making choosing easy and safe.